stoves in conservatoriesThis is a question we seem to be getting asked more and more these days “can i have a stove fitted into my conservatory”? The answer is yes!

Conservatories are infamously cold in winter and a wood burning stove of course looks far better than a radiator. Contemporary styled stoves in particular are a very popular choice when it comes to a stove in your conservatory.

Firstly, you will want to decide on where your stove will be placed in your room. This is an important decision as not only is it an aesthetic choice for you it will also affect where and how your flue will go through your roof.

At this point, you should consider what your stove will stand on. Granite, stone or glass are common and attractive choices.

Now your probably thinking “where does the smoke go”? A stainless steel twin wall insulated flue system is used. You can either go direct off the top of the stove in twin wall or change from single wall before the flue pentrates through the conservatory roof. In order for the stove to work correctly and efficiently, the height of the flue system is imperative.

You would need to have the twin wall flue bolted to the side or rear elevation of your property and extend past the eaves of your main house so the smoke gets carried away in the jetstream and doesn’t stagnate on your property or that of your neighbours.

Look what you could end up with! A beautiful stove to banish those long winter nights ahead.

For more help and advice on installing a similar system in your own home, why not give us a call?